A data center is a facility which accommodates many web servers. The machines can be used for a number of purposes - Internet hosting, file and image storage, computing, etcetera. All larger businesses which offer online services have their web servers in one or a number of data centers since such a facility can offer the desired conditions and protection for the data located on the servers. This includes environmental settings for the humidity and temperature so as to guarantee the optimum performance and long life of the servers, backup power generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical security as to make sure that your data cannot be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A inadequately performing data center can very easily undermine the services which a firm provides.

Data centers in Hosting

If you choose to acquire a hosting package from our company, you will be able to pick between five data centers on the order page and you'll be able to have your account set up in SteadFast (Chicago, United States), Pulsant (London, England), Amaze (Sydney, AU), Ficolo (Pori, Finland) or TelePoint (Sofia, BG). We have hosting servers in several locations so as to provide you with a choice to pick the most suitable one for your Internet sites, so both you and your website visitors can enjoy great loading speeds. Each one of the facilities has 24/7 tech support, power generators and numerous Internet routes through some of the biggest ISPs in the respective country. Together with our revolutionary cloud hosting platform, this means basically no service disruptions of any type, so your websites shall be functioning at all times. The facilities are among the largest ones on the planet and some of them house even government web servers, so collocating our machines there enables us to concentrate on adding new services and improving the existing ones constantly.